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Book Bolt Coupon Code and Review 2022 (Get 50% Off)

Tuesday, August 2nd 2022.

And with a powerful tool like Book Bolt, it’s easy to find a low content book niche in your field or of your interest, create a journal or notebook, and start earning money.

As an Amazon KDP seller, I know the struggle of creating covers and interiors for low and no content books, and tools like Book Bolt are helping me with this effort.

To help you decide if this tool is ideal for you, read this short review and check out the latest Book Bolt coupon code, which will save you 20% on their plans.

Book Bolt Review:

Book Bolt is an innovative tool for the publishing world that is designed for Amazon KDP sellers to provide a fast and easy way to create their books faster.

This is the reason, why Book Bolt is one of the most popular online tools for Amazon KDP. Its editor allows you to use pre-made interior templates or create your own interior from scratch. In a few seconds, you can download your interior in PDF format and upload it to Amazon.

And of course, the editor will help you create an amazing-looking book cover that will definitely get attention in the marketplace.

What’s more, with the Puzzle Wizard, you can create engaging puzzles for all ages. The software allows you to create customized coloring pages, mazes, word searches and so much more. You can even upload your own puzzle images.

This online tool is great for both beginners and advanced designers.

And if you need help, all Book Bolt members get access to private training sessions, webinars, and a Facebook group where you can enjoy hours of content geared toward both newbies and pros.

Book Bolt Features

As I mentioned above, Book Bolt is an online tool designed specifically for Amazon KDP. And it is logical that it is packed with features book publishers will find useful and helpful.

Success in saturated marketplaces like Amazon is mostly achieved through research. You have to find a low competitive niche, target the right keywords, and spy on competitors.

In this category, Book Bolt offers a few tools that you find useful.

  • Search products
  • Search seller
  • Favorites
  • Cloud
  • Keywords Finder
  • Lister Plugin
  • Book Scout

After you find the right niche and keyword you want to target, it’s time to make your cover and interior. To help you with this task, there is a tool called the Book Bolt Designer. A simple drag-and-drop editor that will help you create book covers in minutes.

The next step is to make the interior. One look at the Amazon marketplace, and you can see that you need over 100 pages for your low content books. Even here, Book Bolt has you covered.

Book Bolt Interior Wizard is full of different interior designs: from line to geometric pages, from logbooks to activity books. With a few clicks, you can create an interior with the number of pages you want.

  • Blank (with page numbers)
  • College Ruled
  • Journal
  • Music Sheet
  • Wide Ruled
  • Recipe Book
  • Scuba Diving Journal
  • Hexagon Paper Large
  • Hexagon Paper Small
  • Fishing Log Book
  • Dot Graph Paper
  • Comic Book #1
  • Comic Book #2
  • Graph Paper 1cm
  • Graph Paper 4X4
  • Graph Paper 5X5
  • Graph Paper 1cm/0.5cm
  • Guitar Tabs
  • Mileage Log
  • Polar Coordinate Paper
  • Personal Expense Tracker
  • Pitman
  • 1/2 Picture 1/2 Wide Ruled
  • 1/2 Picture 1/2 College Ruled
  • 1/2 Graph 4×4 1/2 College Ruled
  • 1/2 Graph 5×5 1/2 College Ruled
  • 1/2 Graph 4×4 1/2 Wide Ruled
  • 1/2 Graph 5×5 1/2 Wide Ruled
  • 1/2 Picture 1/2 Graph 4×4

Book Bolt Pricing

If you find this article interesting, and you wish to know how much the Book Bolt costs. In fact, you need to choose between two plans: Newbie and Pro.

The main difference between these pricing plans is simple: the Pro plan comes with puzzle creation software, which allows you to create mazes, word puzzles, sudoku, and more.

And what is the Book Bolt Pricing? The Newbie plan is $9.99 and the Pro plan is $19.99.

Book Bolt Coupon Code

If you want to try this online tool, you can use this link and try any plan for a 3-day trial for free.

However, this is not all. You can also use my special Book Bolt coupon code, Save 50% on August Sale (2022). It doesn’t matter which plan you choose, the discount of 20% is valid on both pricing plans.

How To Apply Your Book Bolt Discount Code

Here’s how to apply a Book Bolt discount code:

  1. Copy this code: NechEmpire
  2. When you’re ready to check out on the Book Bolt website, click on Checkout or View cart to start the checkout process. When you get to the payment step, look for the Promo code box, and paste the code.
  3. Click Apply to add the discount to your order.


Not everyone is a designer. And not everyone can afford to outsource the creation of the book. Luckily, tools like Book Bolt are here to help with the process and simplify things for you. With this tool, you’ll be able to create a lower content book in less time without sacrificing quality.

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